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Want me to make you a pretty picture? The main cost is 30 points, but it will cost more the more there is to the drawing.
I'll make you a stamp, but it cannot be animated.
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SunWorms: Daylight Edition
Welcome to SunWorms: Daylight Edition! In this new edition to the original book, you can get exclusive content that only lies in this book and nowhere else! Enjoy these new editions to the SunWorms franchise and look forward to more products in the near future!
Some extras are still in the works, but by buying the package, you'll get them for free as the package is updated.
These are all links to their original chapters. They are not altered at all. These chapters do not add to the price of the book, only the extras do. You can read this for free.

By downloading the pack, you can find sneak peeks of the upcoming sequel to the original book!
In the package, you'll find pieces of artwork that are inspired and based off of scenes in the book!
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destRucticide (Creativity Poster) by InvaderXIO-2 destRucticide (Creativity Poster) :iconinvaderxio-2:InvaderXIO-2 1 0 Light the Way v.3 by InvaderXIO-2 Light the Way v.3 :iconinvaderxio-2:InvaderXIO-2 0 0 The Corruption: Wolf Clan logo by InvaderXIO-2 The Corruption: Wolf Clan logo :iconinvaderxio-2:InvaderXIO-2 0 0 THE FiNAL STAiR: Chapter I by InvaderXIO-2 THE FiNAL STAiR: Chapter I :iconinvaderxio-2:InvaderXIO-2 0 0
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Light the Way v.2 by InvaderXIO-2 Light the Way v.2 :iconinvaderxio-2:InvaderXIO-2 0 2
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SunWorms :iconinvaderxio-2:InvaderXIO-2 0 0
SunWorms Author's Note
Author’s Note
I was proud to write this from the start to the end. I knew when the idea for this, I knew, when it popped in my head, it was going to be a masterpiece. Quickly, I want to mention how I got the inspiration to write this idea.
When I was younger, around in elementary school, I had some ‘issues’. I over-reacted a lot, made a fuss whenever I lost at a game, and other things that I took as normal at the time. Of course, I still have to do a few of these things, but not as much as I’ve grown up and overcome those challenges, and now when I look back at myself, it makes me worry- with a smile, somehow.
I suddenly felt like a few of my friend were puppets, that they sometimes weren’t there for me or they were demanded to be my friends. It’s either that’s how I thought of it, or it was my mind playing tricks on me. I still love all of my friends, yet the way I realize I was treated, it inspired me. I guess the partial bad
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SunWorms Outroduction
I had fun. That’s all I’m gonna say. I had fun. I had eventually found ways to contact Rachel, Bryson, Lindsey, Ryan, Josh, Emily, and the rest of the guys. I’m still with Elliot, happy, with him.
We are all the greatest of friends, and I sort of realized that I kinda misunderstood the help my father gave me. He tried to help, with his most honest attempt. It still makes me mad, yet kinda sad. I mean, he tried to help, and today I realize he missed me. He must have felt even worse than when I was around and mom was still gone, when I had left, the depression must have sank deeper.
I want to say sorry to my father, for hating him more than I should have. I should have still been mad at him, yet if I were to come back and he were still here, I would have hugged him and said, “I love you.”
I miss him.
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SunWorms 5.22
Chapter Twenty-Two
The academy where it all began.
I parked my car in front of the academy, nearing the fence, where it all started. A voice through a speaker, the steps of a child, and the meeting of a lady.
I took a deep breathe
and exited the car, walking through the rain.
I had to run a bit, since I didn’t want to get too wet, I walked up to the speaker and made a call, and I soon realized it wasn’t the same voice as before, “Hello, SunWorm academy, can I help you?” I cleared my throat, “I’m here to see Ms. Zoe. She wanted to see me?” She hummed herself, “Name?”
“Paul Grey.” I said.
“Ah, yes. She has been awaiting your arrival. Please, step inside.” she replied.
A ding, the red light changed to green
and the gate slowly hid and the doors creaked open.
I race walked out of the rain and into the building, right as I entered peeling my jacket off so I wasn’t so wet, remaining in a blac
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SunWorms 5.21
Chapter Twenty-One
Five days later, after the funeral, 4:03 p.m.
We just did a funeral for dad. We were all walking outside of the funeral grounds, readying for home. When I entered I actually saw my brother. We only looked at each other, and we didn’t talk, until I stepped outside and he stepped in front of me, stopping me in my tracks. I practically cowered, ready for an insult. But instead, he waved, “Hey, Paul…”
I breathed out after holding my breath, “Hi…”
He made a face of guilt, “Are you okay?”
I sighed and shrugged, “A little sick, I guess.”
He bit his lip and scratched the back of his head, then looked at me in the eyes, and I saw how sincere he looked right now, “Look, I am so sorry about when we were kids, when I… beat you up and stuff… I’ve changed my ways and I wanna forget that ever happened, alright?”
I frowned, and looked at him, “I’ll never forge
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SunWorms 5.20
Chapter Twenty
Six years later, the last day at the academy
The end of the academy? Now that was something I thought never existed. I had totally forgotten that we had to leave this place eventually to escape and live a normal life in civilization. Man, it felt heavy, yet relieving. I could finally have a real life. I could finally laugh in my dad’s face and make him sorry…
It was the last day.
SUMMER, July 25th 2024, 11:40 a.m., Announcement room
We all gathered into the Announcement room for one last announcement. The very last one. I was so excited, yet worried. The feeling of anxiety swelled inside of me once more. I thought I was worried when I arrived here! It was much worse leaving here, now with all the new technology and such. I mean, everything was gonna be new. Good thing we all got papers telling us what was new and what we needed to do. And I got my last list from Ms. Zoe on what to do, to set up a new life. Everyone had learnt to drive, to liv
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SunWorms 4.19
Chapter Nineteen
Three days later, the outside, 9:13 p.m.
I felt sick that night. I skipped dinner. I wasn’t hungry. I felt like I wanted to be alone forever. I hated everything and everyone right now, feeling like everything I was handed, I got for free because I was ‘special’. I wasn’t special. I was ordinary, and a fool for thinking that… I didn’t want to think right now.
I felt like my friend were…
I gasped as I heard the outside doors swing open again, and I looked over to the doors, seeing Elliot staring at me, “Paul? What are you doing?”
What if Paul wasn’t my friend?
What if… Elliot was a puppet too?
I stared at him, standing still like a statue. He chuckled cautiously, “Woah, there! Why are you acting so strange?”
“Did Ms. Zoe hire you to be my friend?” I asked.
He looked at me like an idiot, “Excuse me?”
I yelled, “Did Ms. Zoe hire you to
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SunWorms 4.18
Chapter Eighteen
The next day, Elliot’s birthday, 6:03 p.m.
We all hid in the dark and awaited his arrival, until he finally unlocked the door, yawned, and stepped inside, flicking the lights on.
We all jumped out, “Surprise!”
Elliot’s face looked like he wanted to pee himself.
We all stared at him, breathing heavily and staring at us. Elliot just blinked, and suddenly he realized, “Oh, jeez! It’s a surprise thingy!”
We all laughed.
You know why we laughed.
He walked over to us, and smiled, as he smiled brighter and yelled, “Happy Birthday!” He chuckled, “Thanks guys… It means a lot. It’s been forever since I’ve had a surprise birthday party…” Rachel laughed, “Has it now? Well, you deserve one!” I nodded my head, “You really do.”
He smiled, “Thanks guys, it really does mean a lot!”
It was time to party.
We mana
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SunWorms 4.17
Chapter Seventeen
Two days later, 5:58 p.m., Band room
Did I mention we have a library? We also have a band room, choir room, you practically knew we had these things. You just didn’t think about it. Currently, we were in the Band room, setting up our instruments so we could play the song. We all seemed to have our own special skills at music. Lindsey played violin, Josh played piano, Andy played guitar, Ryan played drums, Elliot (who wasn’t gonna help with the song so it wasn’t spoiled) played all kinds of instruments, Rachel played violin as well, and I sang, and Bryson just danced.
Yesterday I had written out the new song that was gonna be part of the disc for Elliot’s birthday and we handed them out to those who agreed to help, which was everyone. With the songs memorized, the first and the new one, we entered the band room and got ready to play.
“Alright, you guys remember how to do this?” I announced.
They all smiled and nodded
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a tpod2014 production

    And then we made it to the end of a hall, where the backdoor sat, the outside sun gleaming through a pair of windows. Ms. SunWorm took a deep breath, and pushed the doors open, all of us walking outside.

We saw a parking lot, with cars with our name tags attached to them.

Beyond the parking lot, the green hills.

No fence.



    Our group stood and stared at such a new world. A world not surrounded by a fence, the feeling of being in a prison gone away, hopefully forever. I felt like a wild animal being released back into the wild.

We all walked out together

and smelled the fresh air.


“the sunworm trilogy”

    We all smiled as we continued to take our baby-steps. The new world was ours, finally. We could be normal again. I could get in my dad’s face and make him sorry he was ever my father.

We all looked at each other.

It was time to say our goodbyes.


things were supposed to get better.

    We all waited for the perfect moment, as Ms. SunWorm  finished her announcement, “I am so proud of you all, for making it this far, and discovering redemption! I know call you, SunWorms, graduates, and you are reborn!”


things only got worse.

Dear Paul,

    I have some bad news, Paul. This is really hard for me to say, but your father just got in a severe car crash. They sent him to a hospital, and they tried their best to save him, but his damages were too much for them to handle. I’m sorry, Paul. Your father is dead.


the bad crawls up and attacks, taking over.




Without the fence,

there is nothing to protect him.









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